Important info to all potential  property-buyers in Andalucia,

from 28.04.2021 until 31.12.2021!!!

“The Junta de Andalucia has approved a reduction in the Transfer Tax, that means in case of resales, the clients will pay a fixed tax of 7% till 31/12/2021 instead of the ranges of 7%-8%-9% (depending on the purchase price). Also, Stamp Duty Tax has been reduced to 1,2% instead of 1,5%. It is like a temporary measure to promote the real estate investments in Andalucía.”

By Scandinavians – for Scandinavians

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Everyone in SPC are Scandinavian (Swedish / Norwegian)

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Hi, and welcome to our pages here @ SPC.

We are a small business, located in the area of San Pedro de Alcántara – just outside of Puerto Banus. The company consists of only Scandinavian agents. We ONLY represent Scandinavian clients whether they are buyers or sellers, with one or two exceptions. So why did we decide to have this web-page in English if we only deal with Scandinavian clients? Well, we want others to understand that we have our ways of doing business …

When we started this company we said to our selves; who are we – and more importantly whom do we wish to be? The answer came to us quite quickly: We want to be the prefered Scandinavian Real Estate Agency for Scandinavians looking for their own home “under the sun”.
So we went further and said to ourselves; what do Scandinavian clients want most of all from a real estate agent?
The answer was pretty easy to come up with; honesty, transparency, availability and loyalty!
So we do that. But how do we prove it? The only way we can prove it, by our actions!

We decided that our slogan should be:
“We are here for you – not the other way around”

So, if you have come this far in our text and still want to know more; WELCOME TO Scandinavian Property Center.

Here you will find a guide into how, why, what and when – in the STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE.

We also try to present properties that we think is more popular for the Scandinavian market, under OUR PROPERTIES as well as our own listings.

Under OTHER PROPERTIES you will find ALL the properties for sale, or rent, along Costa del Sol. Some good, some bad. Some well presented and some NOT. This is out of our reach because we don’t get to edit any of it!

DEAL OF THE MONTH is ment to be just that! Good offers, nice properties offered to what we at SPC belive to be fair, or even low, prices.

COSTA DEL SOL is ment to let you learn something about the cost. Not everybody knows a lot about it, but wants to learn more. Well, here is your chance. All the texts here is copied from Wikipedia.

The last head banner is GET TO KNOW US. Here you can see who we are, contact us, see who we choose to work with, news and articles we find interesting and our philosophy.


The SPC team

We are a professional team of mixed Scandinavian and Spanish Real Estate agents. We are ready to help you find your dream home. Whether you are looking for a small apartment (maybe as an investment) or a nice villa?! Looking to buy something now or in the future? Maybe you are dreaming of settling down here permanently. The keywords we work by is; honesty, transparency and quality in our business. So many people come to Costa del Sol to find their dream homes and ends up left to themselves, fooled by their agent and tricked by the seller/vendor. We want to try to set a stop to it.

Our goal is to sell Real Estate to Scandinavians with the same level of information and documentation as they would get in their respective countries.