Costs when buying Real Estate in Spain. Who pays what? And to who?

As a rule of thumb all buyers of property in Spain should estimate between 10%-13% of the agreed purchase price. This represents fees to: Notarius Publicus, registration fees, transfer fees, legalization fees and to connect water and electricity, the NIE-number and of course to your lawyer.

Our wish in ”Step five” is therefore; get a full overview of every single cost before you set up your budget. Remember – it’s always better to ask once too much than once too few.

Buyers costs:

  • Transfer fee (VAT) 8-10% or 10% (ITP) if it’s a new building.
  • Document fee 1,5 % (new building)
  • Registration fee
  • Notarius fees
  • Lawyer fee to your lawyer ca 1,5 %

Sellers costs:

  • Profit taxes
  • Valuation  fee * (Plusvalia)
  • Lawyer and Realator fees

*Normally the seller pays the Plusvalia.

Loaning money

  • As a non-residential in Spain you may loan up to ca 80% of the valuation from the bank. The percentage can change from one bank to the other. Remember to do a thorough search before deciding. The documentation that is required from the bank is normally; income confirmation, confirmation on financial situation, copy of last year taxes and, if possible, a referral name in your existing bank.
  • We have had positive experience with DNB Utland, NyKredit and Banco Cajamar.