We have found our property. What now?

Normally you will find your property together with your agent. It has been on the marked with a price; X euro. This does not mean that this is the final price. Always remember to haggle. But, you should also know that the marked today is picking up as we speak. Furthermore you should also remember that your agent gets paid out of the selling/buying price. To be on the safe side – set up, in writing, an agreement with your agent on how you want to handle this subject. Ask the agent what he/she can find out about the property. How long has it been on the marked? Why? Who is the owner? For how long has he owned it? How many people have lived there? What is the neighbours’ nationality? What are the taxes and fees? What do they include?

In ”Step four” we recommend: Make a deal with your agent – in writing! Then you will know for sure what side he or she is on when it comes to negotiation and haggling.

When you at last has come to an agreement with the vendor on a set price it’s time to put down a security-fee. Usually the fee is between 3.000 and 6.000 euro. The amount must always be transferred to your lawyers client account. This goes for all transfers you do in concern of this deal. When all legal aspects concerning the property have been checked by your lawyer, the time has come to sign the contract. The time it takes to check all legal aspects of the property is normally two to three weeks. If you want you can give your lawyer a power of authority to sign on your behalf. At the same time as the contract is being signed, 10% of the contracted amount is due. You can deduct the already paid security-fee from the amount.