When do we get in contact with a lawyer? What about the bank? Who takes care of a NIE-number?

The time has come to choose which real estate company you want to work together with. Many people think that it is a good idea to work with several agencies at the same time. This is not correct. We all work out of the same database and we are all in contact with the same banks. As long as your agent fulfills your expectations, as in seriousness, presentation and action – there is only one little ting remaining. Does he/she speak your language? Legal questions and money are two very important matters! Don’t take any unnecessary chances here.

Our advice in “Step three” is therefore: Get to know your agent, your lawyer and your banker. We always recommend that you set aside two or three hours for meeting with lawyers and banks. If you decide to work together with us in SPC this is a free service.

NIE-number is the Spanish social security number. Everyone that wants to own a property legally in Spain needs to have a NIE-number. The lawyer you choose to work with will do this, with you or for you.

It’s also mandatory with a Spanish bank account. This is where all taxes, private and public, are being charged. The bank you choose will fix this for you or with you.