How do we proceed?

After finding out what areas are interesting, the time has come to contact a real estate company. How the different real estate agencies operate is of course different from agency to agency.

(We choose to call them agencies in general terms since only a few of them has employees with any kind of education in this line of work. In Spain there are not any laws controlling the real estate market in any way. In SPC we work after similar laws and regulations, which you as a customer would experience if you bought a property in Scandinavia.)

Our recommendation in “Step two” is therefore: Use a real estate agency that speaks your language! Furthermore, an agency that understand what you say, want and wish for.

Many of the agencies that offer their services are not very serious, structured or really caring about customer service – AFTER the point where they have received their fees. Teasers are popping up everywhere, texts are written so that it may mean something else, and is the price and taxes really right? (The list could have been even longer.)

Try to find an agency that seems to be serious. A company that: answers your questions, on mail and phone, without any delays. A company that: doesn’t come up with any hidden costs and fees. Be critical, ask questions. Ask for contact information to some of their references and call them. Always remember to listen to your gut feeling, and if you like to – make an written agreement with the company you end up working together with.

In SPC we offer several services. You will find more information under OUR SERVICES.