Completion & money transfer

All the necessary documentation always gets signed at the Notary. This means that you, or your lawyer, will have to attend this meeting. One on the notaries will identify all parties present, and all the documents regarding the takeover of the real estate. Normally we recommend all our buyers of real estate to give their lawyer a power of authority with the right to sign the contract, transfer money to sellers lawyers client-account, represent you on the takeover, and if needed sign other documents in your name so that everything will be ready the next time you come down to Cds. As this happens at the Notary, the rest of the amount, for the real estate you have bought, is due. Normally you/your bank bring checks to the Notary as agreed in the contract. All these elements are quite easy IF you get a good lawyer and a service minded bank.

Recommendation: Give your lawyer a power of authority. This makes it possible for you to NOT be present at specific times and dates.