What and where to buy?

Many people who plan to buy themselves a vacation home in Cds (Costa del Sol) has already got some experience with the different areas along the costal line. They know that the airport they arrive at is called Malaga airport. They know that the train takes them to Fuengirola and that Marbella is located about 35-40 minutes from the airport when driving the A7. But not all people know that there are more than four areas with the name Mijas in it. Neither do all know that Estepona only is a 15 minutes drive from Puerto Banus, and that La Duquesa in fact is located in Manilva.

For this reason our recommendation in “Step one” will be: Rent a car! Drive around in known and unknown areas. Drive off the A7 and get to know the different areas. Do you see anything you like? Find out more about distances to all amenities as grocery stores, restaurants, beaches, where north is (you need to know where the shadow will be in mid-day), shopping, neighbors and nationalities, etc. That’s how you find out if this is areas that will suite you and your criteria. Keep driving and don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

It’s always best if you can manage to find 3-5 areas that could be interesting. Stop at one of these places and have a lunch. Drink some coffee at another. Have a dinner at a third. Try to get a feeling for the area.